I hereby make this req to SB: please revert to...

…the old behavior in the Export Audio Window, which allows you to type in the path field. It is so much easier when you have the ability to type in that field - PLEASE consider going back to that behavior in either a 6.-update, or in v7.

Have a look:


Thank you!

Very nice presentation, Jeff! You might want to contact Steinberg support and send them a link to this page.


Thank you, Jeff! nice video - I can confirm this, so I absolutely agree!

…and we need:

- Bounce to markers! or bounce to -> arranger parts! (nice idea, right?)
- “Keep Mono Tracks Mono” (please !!!)
+ Bounce-In-Place! (with shortcut)



Oh man! what update did this come into play? im still on 6.0.5 and i can still type my path in the export window.
im sure some people dont think this is such a bad change but i think its a lousey idea :confused:

Gets my vote, Jeff, absolutely… Nicely explained vid… :wink:

Its the little, simple things that help. Always.

(Quick, hopefully this gets some more votes here before its moved out to the lounge)

Yes, a great idea thats already implemented in Nuendo if I’m not mistaken (more comprehensive marker use over there…!). Export with marker names/labels too would be nice, although there is a workaround (copy/paste of names) - and I’ve got a bit used to it now, but its still an inelegant method.

Hi Puma, yes you´re right: “bounce to marker” is implemented in -> Nuendo, and I hope we see it in cubase 7.

Jeff, you can still type all the path and filename. Just type it in the browser window and press enter, no need to browse.

In fact, it’s better this way since while you write the path you’ll see if it exist or not just below.

Sorry to jump in for Jeff, but…

What ‘browser window’ are you on about…? The Windows File Explorer window, that opens when you click in the path field…? If so, that’s not whats wanted here.

Then, I thought maybe you meant the ‘name’ field; so I typed a full path and filename in the ‘name’ field and tried to export; that doesn’t work. Clicking in the ‘path’ field does as i say above.

Just watched Jeff’s vid again. Previously, you could type the path and filename DIRECTLY in Cubase’s Export Audio dialog ‘name’ field, hit RETURN and export would start. That’s what he wants, and I’d be happy for that too…

And to be clear, I think the whole point of the request from Jeff, is to avoid the Windows File Explorer window altogether in the ‘Export’ process.

Apologies if I have misunderstood you at all here; please elaborate by all means…! :slight_smile:


Not the ‘name’ field. Sorry, I thought that was clear when I used the word PATH in the vid, in my initial post, and clicked on the path field numerous times in the vid. Not sure why anyone would think I meant the ‘name’ field.

Yes, but this is an extra step. Did you watch the vid and see how the old behavior is so much more simple?

Well it’s really simple.

  • Click on the path zone, Windows browser appears.
  • Just type the path and name together, directly, don’t touch anything else. Just like the browser didn’t appear. (ie. “c:\projects\cubase\new song”)
  • press enter
  • voila!

What’s the problem, that a browser windows appears instead of nothing? the result is absolutely the same, and even better since as I said you can see if the path you type already exists or not.

There is no extra step. You already needed to click on the path and then enter.

just try it :slight_smile:

Actually it’s worse this way - if that path doesn’t already exist, you can’t create it by typing in the explorer window. The old behavior allows you to do just this. The new behavior forces you to take even more steps.

No - there IS an extra step. You even alluded to the extar step right in your post. The Windows browser appearing IS the extra step. Please watch the vid.

I don’t consider the window appearing an extra step. It just appears, like the cursor in the path area when you click on it in the old version. But you’re right, you can’t create folders directly. That is an extra step.

Crumbs… sorry, yes - a typo on my part; I meant:-
“…path and filename DIRECTLY in Cubase’s Export Audio dialog ‘path’ field, hit RETURN and export would start.”

(In my description of my experiments, I simply tried the ‘name’ field - just for fun…)