I hope to add more updates that can improve work efficiency

My Nuendo crashes a few times a day, I am almost habiting.
I hope Nuendo can more optimize the experience of ordinary audio practitioners.
Place the Export Event in the Export Audio Mixing panel.
MediaBay joins the “Different Sample Rate Preview” function.

As mentioned many times already, this could be most likely a bad plugin in use…

Mac? PC? Operating system version? Which plug ins do you own? Are they current, are they on the Nuendo blocklist in your software? Did you give peanuts to your DAW? Is there a crash log that gets made when it crashes? What audio hardware and drivers? Was the moon full?

Yes, I don’t think other DAWs will be better.
The hope is to optimize issues such as not selecting a file format when exporting selected events.

Issues? There is non…
You should learn how to use the software.

@st10ss - an “issue” isn’t a bug. Of course there are issues regarding a painless workflow, for example the inability to abort an export under any circumstance, or the necessity to re-adjust the export parameters like SR, bit depth and the like each and every time you work in a different setting (… i.e. it should be a Project-specific parameter set, not a system-wide). And so on …