I import audio

Hallo,I import audio and it doesn’t load the whole track…I do something wrong?

Can you elaborate a bit, what is missing, does the audio not play back to the end?

I have the same problem. I’ve imported tracks in all of the songs in my project and some of the tracks are suddenly missing some bars at the end of the track.
So, Musicullum, the audio does play to the end, but the track has been cut, so it ends several bars before the original file did.
I had this problem before 1.1.41 and I haven’t tried to import with later versions. Did rafalacu experience this problem with the latest version?

Hello, I prepare my synth and to rehearse the songs I export the song in audio and the whole song does not load for me, I fanta the ending.
If you don’t understand me, I’ll send a video tomorrow if you can, thank you.
With the new version, I haven’t tried it yet.

… please share a video with us. Thank you very much.


Presumably, those files are longer than 15 min? This is a visual bug, the files do play but you cannot scroll further than 15 min, fixed with the upcoming version.

Hello, in the video you can see the direction of the song and how long it lasts in vst live, cutting songs does not leave me with precision either.

I don’t get what you are doing, and/or what you expect that doesn’t happen? Is it about where the event should be placed, or do you try to extend it and you can’t, or that the event disappears (you have used the eraser tool…?). Pls try to describe what does not work as expected, best step-by-step, the video doesn’t show it for me.

  • new project
  • drag audio event
  • ??

Hello, I use a translator, I don’t know how to explain myself, I take a song that says it’s 5’02 long, I drag it to the beginning and it’s only 3.58 long, why cut it.

How? Import from Cubase, import audio event or…? You can use a translator, that’s fine, but we really need more details. Describe what you do, what you expect and what doesn’t work as expected, thanks.

Hi Musicullum
I will PM the file, that I was writing about, if that helps.

… except - how do I send a PM?

click on my picture, then “Message”

I think I have the same issue, both in 1.1.41 and 1.1.51.

  1. Drag one or multiple mp3’s into the timeline.
  2. Scroll to the end. See it is cut off.
  3. Play until the end of the shown waveform. Playback cuts off.
  4. Try to make the event longer using the mouse >>> does not work.
    What I noticed is that when I import mp3’s with a bitrate of 128kbps, the problem occurs.
    With a bitrate of 320kbps, the problem does not occure the few times I tested it.

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… we’ve fixed it. Is it possible to send me your problematic file to “m.spork (at) Steinberg.de”? Then we can verify your file with the fix.

Thank you,

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Thank you both very much that is exactly what happens to me.

… can you send me a problematic file? Then I can verify the fix.

Thank you,

ok I’ll take time and send it to you

Same for me, All imported audio files are cut short. Is it a demo restriction??
(It did say its a full working Demo)

HI @tunecreators, it has already been fixed. Which version are you running? Have you installed the latest Pre-Release (1.1.55)? You can found more details here.