I installed Cubase Artist but now Pro opens up...

I paid for and have been using Cubase Artist for a couple months now. A week or so ago, after installing a new plug-in, I opened Cubase and all my preferences and recent project list were gone. I uninstalled the plug in, rebooted but same result.

After checking here and on GS, and finding out there was no way to recover, I set up my preferences again.
That was a few days ago.

I just opened Cubase this morning and instead of Artist opening up, Cubase Pro opened instead. I closed the program, rebooted, clicked on the desktop Artist logo, Cubase Pro began to open and then was replaced by the Artist logo which led to Artist opening. All preferences and recent project list gone again although I had saved a preferences file which was still intact.

What’s going on here? I’ve been using the newest update - 8.03 or something like that.