I installed the 8.5 Update. Should I uninstall 8.0?

I thought the update would simply update the previous version, but apparently both versions are left intact. Is it going to cause any issues uninstalling 8.0? Projects in 8 should work in 8.5 yea? Thanks for any insight with this.

You can leave both versions installed. In recent years, the x.0.x and x.5.x versions are kept seperate, i.e. they are independent applications. Projects from 8.0.x will load in 8.5.x without any problems, however you might want to backup your old projects just in case (always a good idea). Once you’re happy that everything’s working in 8.5.x and you’re sure you’ll never go back, it’s OK to uninstall 8.0.x.

Good deal, thanks man.