i just bouth cubase 7 and i have some probloms

first of all i have a lots of “old” projects i just cant open its starting to load the mix console and then it stucks

and then i tried to open a new project and drag the files from the old project to it. sometimes its work and when its not it say vst bridge eror or runtime eror

also i have few plugins that shows without the gui there is sound from them but than i try to open it and all i see is blank vst windows with the cubase options r\w and active effect

i installed all the new plugins at 64 bit but i still have a few that are on 32, and the old projects was with a lot of 32 bit plugins.

also since i both cubase 7 i understand i can install previous versions as well so i would glad if you tell me how to download cubase 5 and more importent if you can give me link to tonic and Monologue.

thank you very match!!!

If you owned Cubase 5, your dongle still authorises it to use it.

What version were you using before installing 7? There was actually no reason to remove it. Perhaps it’s still on your computer, Cubase 7 won’t have overwritten it. It’s not that sort of an “upgrade”.

i didn’t upgrade i bought new cubase 7 and sell the old cubase 5 to a friend… i also got a new pc so no i dont have it all i have is new cubase 7…

You need the installation DVD’s for Cubase 5, they are not available as downloads I’m afraid.
Easiest way is to ask your friend to borrow them and install.

ok well do thanks.

cubase 5 it’s the last of my problem for now. i would be happy if you guys can answer the other questions.