I’m trying to pay via my mastercard, but ‘ask net’ system is always failing to complete the order. I already contacted my bank and they told everything here is working normally and able to buy online.

Any tips?

Steinberg products could be purchased through a bank transfer. I have done so before. It takes 2 to 4 working days to clear and you receive your product code.

Asknet doesn’t handle steinberg anymore. You purchase through the website

Hi everybody,
I have the same problem. After proceed to checkout can’t to signup. Writes: “Login Failed” :wink
Who can answer what to do?

Best Regards

Did you try to buy from Sweetwater or another online reseller?


Hi everyone. I did through the official steinberg site.

My mastercard really could not complete the order. I tryied with a different credit card and it worked.

I supose steinberg payment system doesnt accept some credit cards, even if everything is okay with your bank acount.

You might have a Steinberg online store account under a different email perhaps. Or possibly a different password.

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Hi, I tried buy from Sweetwater, this is Their answer: The software we sell is restricted to the United States. They can detect your region and you will not be able to install the one we sell. I will have to cancel this for now. :blush:
With steinberg online shop account cant signup too.

Have you checked at Thomann.de?

Yes I checked but update C11 pro to C12 I did not find. So I will wait.

Thanks to everyone.

Hello everyone, I am trying to buy cubase elements 12 from Steinberg online shop from India. 1st of all it is not taking my zip code correct and 2nd with my Mastercard, debit card, its declining to fulfil the payment.

Can anyone guide me?
Thanks in advance.