I just got a new laptop, how would I be able to transfer Dorico and NP?

Just like the title says, I just got a new laptop, and I want to be able to transfer my Dorico and my NotePerformer Lisence to it. I know that for Dorico, there is something about knowing the Previous Soft e-Licenser number, and then using that in some sort of “reactivation workflow” type of thing, however, I do not know whether or not I should delete the lisence at my old/current laptop before or after I reactivate. It would be appreciated if someone could give me a step-by-step guide on how to do so. I do not want to loose my Dorico lisence.
Thank you!

DON"T DO IT TODAY!!! There is expected maintenance today that Steinberg has announced that might be a problem for licensing issues!

On Saturday, August 10th - between 05:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. CEST, a service partner of Steinberg will carry out important maintenance work. During this time, MySteinberg with all Steinberg ID-related functionality (e.g. account creation, sign-in, retrieve password, trial versions, redeem Download Access Codes, Reactivation, Zero Downtime) will be unavailable. Product activation will not be affected and will be possible as usual. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Okay. Can Someone explain what to do after the maintenance is finished?

You don’t need to do anything on your old computer. If you originally bought Dorico 1.x (though I don’t think you did) then you will need both your original Dorico 1.x activation code and your Dorico 2 update activation code; if you originally bought Dorico 2.x, then you need only your Dorico 2 activation code. Download and install Steinberg Download Assistant on your computer (Windows or Mac) and use it to download and install the Dorico 2.2.20 application installer, Dorico Playback 1 (HALion Sonic SE 3 and its content) and Dorico Playback 2 (HALion Symphonic Orchestra). You can also request a fresh NotePerformer download from the NotePerformer web site.

Once you’ve got everything installed, you need to get a new activation code, which is what “reactivation workflow” refers to. Go to MySteinberg and click the big red “Reactivate Software” button. You’ll be asked for the existing activation code, which you can provide, and then be given a new one. Enter that one into eLicenser Control Center, activate it, and you should be back in business.

I bought Dorico 1.x educational crossgrade from Finale, and then I bought a Dorico 2.x Upgrade. Does that change anything?
Last year, my old Computer ended up having to restart, and I had to reinstall everything on it, including Dorico, and I just had to give my old Soft e-Licenser or something.

You will need to have both your Dorico 1 and Dorico 2 activation codes to hand. You’ll need to enter both into the “reactivation” screen to get new ones, and you’ll need to enter them both into eLicenser Control Center – your Dorico 2 activation code won’t work without an existing Dorico 1 license on the same eLicenser. But you don’t need to actually reinstall Dorico 1; you only need to enter the activation code and activate it.

I intend to wipe my old laptop clean and give it to my family. Would deleting the previous eLicenser/Lisences affect anything whatsoever, besides I won’t be able to use Dorico from my old laptop?

Here is a guide about reactivation (from Steinberg site):

I’ve just ordered a new PC and I’m rather alarmed by Daniel’s reply saying I will need activation codes from both Dorico 1 and Dorico 2 (I cross-graded to D1 and then upgraded to D2). My elicenser only contains a code for Dorico Pro 2: I suspect I deleted the D1 code from it when I uninstalled the programme. How can I get the Dorico 1 activation code that I need please?

Sign into your Steinberg account here: Sign in then click “My Products”. You should find your activation codes there.

Note that your Steinberg account may have a different username and password from this forum.

Thanks Leo. I should have said I tried that before, but I’ve just had another go. Mysteinberg tells me the activation code (from the original D1 box) can’t be found and that I should enter it in the elicenser control centre. When I do that it tells me the activation code has already been used and can only be used once. I have also tried maintenance as an administrator. I suspect that I never registered D1 in Mysteinberg.

Mike, you need a new code. See my link to understand:

Don’t worry, Mike, we will never allow a paying customer to lose the use of the software they have bought. If you can’t find your original Dorico 1 activation code, please contact our support team and they will be able to help you.

Just a quick note (though not as quick as my new PC) to say that the installation was completely straightforward and, for whatever reason, the automatic system didn’t require my Dorico 1 details before relicensing me.