I Just Got Nominated For A 2022 San Diego Music Award

So I found out last week that I was nominated for best R&B, Funk or Soul album. I know it’s not the Grammy’s but it’s still pretty exciting to me. Sadly though 50% of the vote comes from the academy and the other 50% comes from the public. I’m just an introvert with a passion for composing and producing music. I’m not really good with people, and I don’t think I have very many fans. I would be eternally grateful to get some votes. I worked really hard on this 2 hour long album, which consists of 30 songs. I’m down to return the favor in kind., now or in the future.

Anyways the link to the voting is below. My category is #22 and my selection is “Laser Rot - Funktonic”


Thanks to anyone who helps me out. and you can hit me up and I’ll return the favor.