I just have to say, Kudos to Steinberg for VST Amp Rack!!!

Being most threads on here deal with problems and complaints I just had to post and say uber kudos to Steinberg for the VST Amp Rack!! I own Guitar Rig 3 and use it just for a cab sim when recording the line out of my Mesa and it does a wonderful job. But the amp sims have never interested me at all. I’ve tried Line 6’s Pod Farm extensively at a friends and also didn’t find the amps sounding very real or accurate. I’ve also tried the Peavey ReValver demo and a number of others and was never very impressed.

I just tried the VST Amp Rack and was blown away :smiley: The amps actually sound real. Some need a bit more high and midrange boost overall, they can sound a tad darker compared to a real world amp. Like for example, the Mesa sim with the mid’s and high’s at 12 o’clock is quite a bit darker than my real Mesa, but that is easily rectifiable with EQ so it’s not a serious drawback. But the feel, they respond so much more like real amps - the Djent actually djent’s like an amp does. The biggest thing for me was the absence of that fizziness that seems to be present in every other amp sim.

Anyhow, some may disagree, and that’s fine. I just wanted to thank Steinberg personally for creating what I feel is probably the most realistic sounding amp sim plugins I’ve personally come across. - just as a side note, this isn’t in anyway comparing to hardware units like the Axe-FX. I know they are amazing and I’ve heard absolutely stunning recordings with it. I’m just talking about VST plugin comparisons.