I Just Installed 7.01 And My Songs Don't Sound Any Better!

What’s the deal?

Loaded up some songs from 6.07 and they’re exactly the same. WTF!!!

The timing isn’t any tighter. The guitars aren’t any brighter. The vocals don’t sound any more like X-Factor.

Hell, for $218 (DAMN TAXES ARE KILLING THIS COUNTRY!) at least the drums could be a little LOUDER fer crissake.


(I dunno how this goes over in Nord Deutschland, but trust me… this kind of material just -kills- over here. :smiley: )


User error.

I mean some other user than you. Obviously.

RTFM Newbie!
Haven’t you bothered to find out about pressing Alt/Shift/Ctrl AUDIO>PROCESS>ADDTALENT?

Version 7.01 solves the “Drums-not-yet louder” bug in the original release. Don´t forget to erase /:C before installation. Otherwise undefined problems might occur.


Damm looks like i bought the talentfreeversion is there a way to upgrade?

:smiley: a post i’ve been waitin’ for so long, love u guys…

Great thread - love it, guys!
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Absolutely made my morning! Haha

U have got to be f… DUDE WHAT THE>…! ARGHGRGH use the frigging LRF and KPD that’s built in… HELLO!!

Key command is ALT+SHIFT+CTRL+? then de-frog your C:/
After the C: is fully defrogged, the LRF panel pops and then activate the KPD one at a time, press apply for each one …

DOn’t mess it up… follow the steps and you will be fine…

I think we have a winner for the “Best post of the Year 2012” award.


Hahaha! Excellent!

But I already started to use channel strip’s plugs besided UAD Quad+tons of best UAD plugins and I have to say-ecxellent ones, those C7 channel strip elements.

So… maybe not top40 sound, but… top 200 :smiley: :smiley:

im going back to steinberg 24 , sod this update i can’t get any decent sound out of my harry the aadvark steam driven soundcard , im with you on this one ,how the hell im i ment to use my lack of talent on childrens software like this , im off !

tut ta :wink:

The secret to getting louder drums is to drop the whole kit out of a 10 story building straight onto a AKG C-12 VR or similar priced. A big stadium reverb and shouting “these drums are much louder” into the mic will fool people into thinking they are louder. It’s a subtle effect but it works.
Remember it’s got to be the tenth story. Go to 11 and you get that Spinal Tap vibe that’s gone out of fashion of late. You can drop it down to the ninth floor if you want to add a bit of bass.
If you want to a bit of class, throw the drummer out as well.

Maybe this is all joke to you, but for me my songs do sound better, that is, I’m using the ebu metering and found out that I have an illness namely “suffering the loudness war”. I was always automatically trying to get the hardest masterlevel, as for now I try to keep it at -22 dbs and therefor it sounds way better (now I have to do mastering :wink: )

Grinch alert.

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high five hahahaha

This is too funny… :laughing: