I just installed the recent update (5.0.20) and now I cannot save/save as

Anyone else experience this problem? I tried exporting the MIDI too but no luck preserving what I have written.

We need more information to help you. What exactly is happening when you’re trying to save?

I select Save or Save As, get a rainbow pinwheel and then nothing. The filename continues to be Untitled Project and I can’t find any folders with the project. I’m too scared to close it and lose all my work.

Same thing with exporting MIDI. It sets a pathway for use/desktop and when I click the ellipses (…) to save somewhere else, it pinwheels and then gives up. Can’t find it on the desktop either

If you create and post a Diagnostic Report here, that should help @dspreadbury , @Ulf, or another member of the team help you more quickly.

I suspect it can’t save because the Audio engine has died. If you’re lucky, Dorico will have saved a backup file in the Backups folder.

The playback still works.

If you’re on a Mac, can you Command click on the document title in the window’s titlebar? That will show you a drop-down file path, if it’s been saved.


Well it was super weird, but I was able to get a hold of the MIDI. I restarted my computer and everything is working normally. Must have just needed a reboot.