I just updated my Cubase 8 to 8.0.40...

I want to know what this is about and ask you if this is fixable…

The letters at the info tab overlap, and when I drag around the midi box, it leaves a trail of text snake. Is there a way to turn this off?

Is this on Apple? Seems you got screen buffer redraw issues (system issues)

I’m using Windows.

buffer redraw issues (system issues)

and I’ve never heard of that phrase before, and I can’t seem to google it either. Is there a technical term for this?

Here’s a bonus pic.

There’s a few threads describing these numbers all over screen with various updates but never any resolution posted…though I’m guessing from the lack of follow ups that people are solving it fairly quickly or they’d be posting back complaining further.

If you didn’t reboot after update of course you should do that
Disable any programs you might be running in the background that may have been ok with previous versions but may not be compatible with this one.
Try safe start mode…if that works you will have to trash and rebuild prefs.
If not I would next try to roll back the update and run the updater again.
If still no good a complete uninstall and reinstall might be the only option.

Nothing worked, so I just downgraded it to 8.0.2.