I just upgraded from Cubase pro 10.5 to Cubase pro 11 and have problems

I just upgraded from Cubase pro 10.5 to Cubase pro 11,
and have an issue.

It seems I now have both versions installed on my computer??
10.5 is has not been touched, with all my purchased plugins and Vsti instruments etc…
but Version 11 is just the basic setup, with none of my Kontakt purchases, plugins etc…

I had assumed the upgrade would have simply done just that, upgraded my previous 10.5 version to version 11.

Can I now un-install the old version or will this mess up the new install?
in any case it looks like I will have to re-detect everything in plugin manager.

I dont need both versions of cubase installed.

The Licence etc… all seems in order, and both currently installed versions of cubase run.

any ideas how to resolve this?


For the moment, leave both versions installed.

Normally, when you install a new version of Cubase, it will pick up your preferences from the previous version (such as the location of your plugins), but sometime it has been known to fail.

Your license will have been upgraded, so that allows you to run all previous versions of Cubase as well. Start up the previous version, and check in File | Preferences where you have located your plugins; make the same setting in the new version of Cubase and you should be good to go.

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