I just want a microtonal Eb, someone help me please

I swear I have followed all the instructions in the online manual and yet I can’t get this pesky Eb to be that mirrored flat microtonal symbol. Can someone help me with this, please? Thank you!

You seem to have applied the 24-EDO system correctly, since the quarter-tone accidentals show in the panel with that E♭ selected. If you now click on the quarter-flat in the panel, its accidental doesn’t change?

yeah, it just reverts back to Equal temperament

You’ll probably need to post the project file here for us to see what’s going on.

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I have the feeling you’ve done what users often do: Insert an atonal key sig, then select 24-EDO and try to apply an accidental. This does not work, and it results in no change of tonal system. You have to do exactly as the manual says: Select the tonal system first, then while it is showing in the panel create a key sig. It is the key sig that is “in” the tonal system. The “Atonal” signpost itself doesn’t say what system it is in, but when you select something after it, the panel shows you. Make sense?