I just want to use it

Wasting an hour of my life everyday for 2 months kind of sucks. Im recording songs on my new zoom r8, first ever recording device for me and learning slowly. The point of having cubase le5 with this product is to transfer the files to computer. Why is it built so hard to do this. The book explains over and over what these products CAN do, but not explaining HOW they do it. I dont even know how to get one single little sound to come out of this cubase. There is no audio to import. There is no way to make any sounds. This is the most fustrating product in my life, its bs. No one here has the same problems, but people have a million problems with this stuff. Cubase LE 5 is an expensive beer coaster. Any way to test sound or to import something so i can test it. This is getting retarded.

Read some of the stickies in this forum, mainly this one: http://steinberg.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=25&t=10051
When that is done there are many ways to get audio out of Cubase. You could create an instrument track, load Halion one and draw some midi notes to play back the instrument you want in Halion. You could create an audio track and import a random audio file from your harddrive, by dragging it into cubase, or using the file/import menu.

You might want to be a bit more specific about what you want to do, because ‘getting sound out of Cubase’ is probably the most open question you could ask.

Plug your R8 in to the computer with a USB cable, open Cubase and make sure the R8 ASIO driver is selected (look at the setup guide) once you have done that any audio from Cubase will come out the R8, you will need to plug some speakers or headphones into the R8 to hear sounds.

I got the sound, but my imported songs from the zoom r8 are very low level volume. I get a caution popup,
Sample rate could not be set. This may be due to the sample clock being set to external sync.

Set the sync to internal, the samplerate of the R8 and Cubase should be set to the same.