I keep getting ERROR SAVING FILE


I keep getting a random message ERROR SAVING FILE. And then this other.

I keep resaving under a different name, it works for a bit and then it does it again.
ScreenHunter 3944
ScreenHunter 3945

Is it possible that you have another copy of Dorico on another computer or iPad, that is modifying the file?
Where are you saving the file – OneDrive, Dropbox, internal storage, external device, etc?

Are you saving the file to Dorico’s Backup location?

I am confused also about an “error saving file” message; I am a new Dorico user. I have created a project and everything about it is playing fine. In the preferences I have it set to always for activating playback. I am trying to export my project in MIDI format, and I have done so successfully on a previous occasion. My problem now is I get the error message and no file is saved. Any assistance on how to get beyond this block is much appreciated. Thank you, CEC

It looks like perhaps you might be falling foul of the Windows path length limit. Your filename is quite long, and it will also end up in a folder name that includes the full name of your project. Try choosing a folder closer to the root of your disk’s filesystem to see if that helps.

That is great Dspreadbury, I have it working now and have learned how to shorten up the file names. Now I am aware of the issue so roadblock passed! thanks much,