I keep loosing my preferences

Since upgrade 6.03 my cubase behaves strange. I am now on 6.0.5. I have trashed the preferences from AppData/Roaming/Steinberg/cubase 6. ThenCubase recreates the folder and files on next startup as suposed. I setup my keycommands etc. But still cubase preferences are back to default when starting it next time. Pretty annoying I must say. Are there more things to do than trashing or renaming the cubase6 folder as mentioned aabove ?

I wouldn’t monkey around with the folders so much as the files inside them. always back up file before you delete them so you can recreate the past.

Where ever Cubase stores it’s files is where they are supposed to be.

Also, did you use the “Save” function when you did your new key commands? Don’t forget to name them!


Well “monkey around” (funny expression btw) :slight_smile: I only followed the tips in the knowledge base


I guess things posted there should be safe, however it had zero effect on my problem.