I keep wondering when these bugs will be fixed

-Can’t cancel an export. Cubase still exports the entire song, and THEN cancels it when it’s done.
-Progress bar of any export or render freezes at 0% at least half of the times.
-Cubase crashes every time I close it.
-If you close a project, Cubase will automatically activate another project you had in the background (making you wait for 10 minutes while it loads). Only way to stop this is to CTRL-ALT-DELETE and force-shut down Cubase.

These annoyances have been around, update after update, since Cubase 6. And I’m having them on two different computers. I am on Cubase Pro 8 now. Am I the only one experiencing this, since it hasn’t been fixed yet? Would Steinberg please look into it?

I’m sorry for the trouble you are having. It sounds like you are having some erratic behaviors that are not universal problems. We would need more information to help:

  1. What operating system are you on?
  2. What version and build of Cubase 8 do you have installed currently?
  3. If you start Cubase, open a Empty project, save it (without loading anything), close it, and then close Cubase, does Cubase still fail to close? If so, what is the error you receive?
  4. What audio interface are you using?
  5. What is your Processor and RAM in the system?
  6. When did the problem with crashing on closing start for you?
  7. What previous versions of Cubase have you had on this system?
  8. On export, are you doing a Real-Time export? How long is the export you are attempting to cancel? Is there a specific reason you are starting an export and then cancelling it?

If you have two projects open in Cubase and close the Active project, Cubase will default to activating the other project. Personally, I only have one project open at a time, except on the rare occasion when I am manually dragging/dropping files from one project to another. If you want to avoid have the alternate project activate, close it before you close the inactive project.

Thank you Chris for your response!

It might seem like Cubase has a memory leak, seeing as my projects run slower and slower each hour they are open. An example of this would be if I open a project, play it once or twice, start working in the studio for a few hours, come back and try to work again. By slow, I mean real time peaks, audio dropouts, slow load time on instruments and slow window popups in general. Also the longer a project stays open, the more likely it is to crash.

So to your questions:

  1. Windows 7 Ultimate, 64 Bit.
  2. Cubase Pro 8 64 bit, 8.0.40, Build 623.
  3. It only seems to happen with projects that has VSTs in them. I use Play and Kontakt a lot. Could these be the culprits?
  4. RME Fireface UC, RME Fireface UCX in the other studio.
  5. Intel Core i7, 2,67 Ghz. 16gb DDR3 RAM.
  6. I think it has persisted since Cubase 6.5, but definitely since Cubase 7.
  7. I have done reformats of my harddrives, so older versions of Cubase couldn’t have caused it.
  8. I am talking about “Export Audio Mixdown”. “Render In Place” did it before, but works now in later versions it seems. The export has usually only been going on for a few seconds if I cancel it, because I remember something I forgot to change, or I realize I am exporting in the wrong format. Things that happen on a hectic workday.

Regarding the auto-activation of projects: I need to switch between projects a lot, and that’s why I have multiple open at the same time. The option to activate a project when opening it is already there, so it couldn’t be too hard to add this option for when closing a project as well?

  1. The third party plugins could be a part of the closing issue. If you take the same Empty project and load an instance of Kontakt, do you have the same issue. How many instances of Play and Kontakt are you typically using in a project? Are you using Freeze on any channels?

  2. If you take a new empty project and load 5 audio tracks (no plugins) to it, are you able to cancel the Mixdown without having it complete? Also, are you selecting the Real-Time Export option in that dialog or not?

    I would suggest adding a separate post in the Feature Request section of the forum regarding not having project become active when an active project is closed. This would like require disabling the Mixer or converting it to some sort of blank default. I do not know if it is something the Developers would choose to implement, but posting in the Feature Request will generally be the best way for them to gauge user interest.