I know this has been mentioned but why

Okay so I updated now all of my vst’s are so small both monitors 4K no problem before wtf!
I want a fix not a right change BS…


What did you update, please? Cubase or the plug-ins? What plug-ins specifically are you talking about (built-in Cubase or 3rd party)? Do the plug-ins support HiDPI? What is your HiDPI settings in Windows and in Cubase, please?

I don’t think this is necessary.

Hi thanks for getting back to me… well since cubase 9 I have changed my scaling to %150 on 4k 43inch monitor… upto now 11.0.11 all 3rd party plugins are small and tough to see if I change my scaling still the same problem?

I understand i have to be an adult but this is something that should not happen witb a DAW that been around for years. …

Help lol


Do the plug-ins support HiDPI, please?

To me it sounds like it’s on the 3rd party plug-ins side.

I’ll check again but I was using Kontakt yesterday… I did update the vsti possible that was the cause…

Thank you

Hi @Mark_Nomad thanks for your post.
Have you tried the following option? Cubase 11: Using DPI-unaware plug-ins on Windows – Steinberg Support