I know this is "lounge" but product Q's I must ask

So am on 6.5 trial, stable, looks nice…

but what is the Group Edit button on Folder Tracks for?

I ask because no matter how long I expand a folder downwards, it shows nothing of what’s going on inside (unlike the silly project overview, which in my ‘view’ should be relegated to history).

Any devs want to comment because already Cubase 6 needs working over and and it’s only just been released!

Cubase is the best DAW don’t get me wrong but when a company makes such awesome software tools it seems user demands can only increase relative to the amount of improvements made albeit in an exponential way.

It’s for editing the tracks in a folder as a group!!!
As for seeing an overview of the tracks on a group folder, look to the preferences.

I hate to seem dumb since Split being a guru and all but I’ve got “always show data on tracks” selected and yet all I see is blocks going from one end to the next inside the folder so is this how it’s meant to be?

Editing, show data on folder tracks/ always show data.


I actually have that selected :confused:

I chose “deep track folding” and “minimal” for track heights (seems to be the same as 1 Row).

Stumped on this one.

Steinberg can you please include a proper overview for folder tracks similar to project overview while disbanding with the latter for projects.

I know you can do it because you got rid of the stupid divide tracklist.

No offence and thanks for making such an otherwise great product.