I like Cubasis, but...

…I need a few features, please, so I can work a bit more coherently with it:

1. Moveable tracks (solved)
2. Track notes (because I use Audiobus and inter app audio a lot and I need to take notes about "which preset was that for that MIDI track)
3. Track visibility and track folders
4. A proper “duplicate” function

Thanks for implementing this quickly.

Definitely there’s a bunch of little workflow things that need to be addressed, this is what I miss the most:

-Project organization (folders)
-Duplicate events that reflect the changes to the original event
-Track groups would be cool too
-Custom drums
-lock events’ position so we don’t move them around by accident

Can you explain what you mean by “moveable tracks”? (we can move the track order as it is…)

How can I move the tracks?

Hold a track for a second then drag

Very nice, thank you. I was actually really frustrated because of this…

If you select what you want to duplicate, press copy then just keep hitting paste it will keep pasting right after what you copied, just like duplicate. You don’t have to move the cursor into place to duplicate the part.

But we still need a duplicate that will reflect the original events’ changes.
Also, we need the copy/paste of events from multiple tracks sorted, messing up all the tracks is not nice behavior. Ever.

I love the freeze function but not being able to hide the source tracks is a pain. Amen to the list @TheNavigator, couldn’t agree more on all points.


…and I need a sampler. I seriously need a sampler.

If Cubasis had a sampler I could deinstall most of my other music software stuff from my iPad.

+1 hiding tracks would be great

Ahh, you’re talking about “Ghost Copies” not duplicate :ugeek:

Thanks a lot for any suggestions to improve Cubasis folks! We keep an eye on your wishes and feedback for upcoming versions and will try to realize some of it. :wink:


Tempo/time signature track/editor ,which can be also import/export for cubase tempo changes

only loope marker/cue isnt enough…
cue function or a marker function would be FANTASTISCH !!

Cubasis 2.1 has got many excellent features but two important features are missing yet in comparison to desktop DAWs, tempo and time signature automation. Further, sound/instrument bank should be more rich. I feel the absence of violin, cello like instruments which are yet available in GarageBand.You can add sound packs in store as FX packs already available.


Thanks for your kind message, we’re glad to hear you like Cubasis!

Tempo and time signature support is on our feature list for future updates.
Same for new content additions.


I am still waiting for this option for tempo change so I could bring some tracks from my PC Cubase to ipad for recording in different location which has tempo changes.