I like it!

I like the gui boxed look. Mixer section is much easier to use. Like the new inspector with the fader and insert send channels to the left. Good idea. Seems to be more computer heavy than 12 but after playing around for a couple of hours I’m impressed. Worth the $199 upgrade.

What’s your computer setup?

It’s a dinosaur ASUS p8z77-v with i7 3770k, 16 gb ddr 3, Seagate SATA 7200 rpm drives. Lynx aurora 16 with aes 16 (buffer size 1024). I can’t stand migrating to new computers. Hours of loading software, etc. I know I’m at the end of the line for this 10+ year old computer.
I record only my music and work alone as a songwriter-composer and keyboardist.

Plugins 12 instances of UAD native, fabfilter, Arturia, sampletank, EW hollywood backup singer, emvoice, superior drummer, 57 tracks of audio, 48k 64bit float.

My point is the same project isn’t maxing out version 12 but getting overloads in version 13.

Wow. You sure got your money’s worth out of that machine eh!?

Me thinks an upgrade is due though.