I like "Shorten to next note" after midi recording + enhancement + suggested feature to "split voices" automatically

3 Notes about the new feature:

  1. I really really like the new feature of Dorico 3.1 to Shorten to next note.
    I simply play on the piano keyboard a real time input and when everything looks messy - Dorico is doing a very nice job cleaning it after playing with the Requantize + the new Edit duration --> “Shorten to next note”!!!
    I just love it - Thanks a lot! :smiley:
    Note that I found out in piano pieces - it works much better after doing some manual adjustments of the split location between F/G Clef using Alt+n or Alt+m in order to have the correct positions (see other thread with my suggestion for improvement of being able to change re-split position in different places of the compositions because it is not always fixed place throughout all the composition).

  2. I think there is a bug in this new feature or a let’s call it a suggestion for improvement of this feature:
    There are cases that it is obvious a case of a “glitch” in time where collapsing notes are playing due to human is playing and not machine.
    This cases are for 2 adjasting notes collapsing. For these kind of situation - the new feature works like a charm!!!
    But there are few examples that it is really clear that the held note is done intentially (in purpose) - and you can tell it really simply by looking at the duration of the held note - you can see it is last longer (more than 2 contiguity notes!).
    In that case I would expect the feature to leave the held note as it is without doing any modification of the note.
    Remember that I wanted just to clean the score from my human errors not removing all intentionally long notes!
    See the Original note entry after playing in real time input, (1st picture attached)
    then look at the same bar after performing: Edit Duration --> Shorted to next note (see picture 2)
    I would expect this bar to leave it as it is - since there is no real collision of notes - the held note is pressed all over 4 different notes so it is obviously done in purpose!

  3. Also I have a suggestion related feature: in cases like that I would like to see in the future an option to “automatic split voices” - each time there is a held note- If the held note is above other notes, the shorter notes will move to a new down voice, if the held note is lower than the shorter notes, so the held note will move to down voice - so it will look like the 3rd piacture :smiley:

Jerome, the feature is working as designed: it shortens each note such that it ends at the start position of the next note. Don’t use this feature on bars like you show in your #2.

As for #3, while that would be possible in simple cases, it’s not at all obvious how that should be done in arbitrarily complex cases. While I agree automatic voice separation would be an extremely useful feature, it’s not something we are likely to implement off the back of this feature – it would be tackled as part of the core live MIDI recording feature.

Hi Daniel - Thanks for your reply.
Regarding #2 - The idea in my suggestion is that if you implement this feature of “ignore held notes lasting more than 2 contiguity notes” - it would be very simple to just run the “shorten to next note” feature over all the score at once (CTRL+A) - where I can feel confident enough that the only thing it does is just make everything easier to read by fixing the problematic human playing that cause this congestion between 2 adjusting notes :slight_smile:
According to how it works currently (without implementing my suggestion) - the user will have to fix specific bars each time instead of running it once for all.
Anyway - it is just a suggestion to add on top of this feature, not instead of how it is currently implemented. Just wanted to give another perspective that can be useful.
All the best - and keep up the amazing work of making everything much easier and faster.