I like Steinbergs forum policy, still!

I’m not a member of too many forums, I think it’s just 4-5, since I really got more important things to do. Just like most of you.

But after all the bashing and bad words, I must say that this very forum is one of the most open, tolerant places when it comes to censorship from the developer. Many other places remove any critics immediately, and many do even move support questions to seperate places that can hardly be found (did you ever stumble upon EastWest, for example, which is a place of dictatorship… but there are some other heavily moderated places as well, like Microsoft or Avid…)

I just wanted to say thanks for letting us enjoy freedom of speech, and I hope that it will be for your best.

Strange post, I know…

Obviously you have missed all the deleted threads! :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

I can’t find any :smiley:

Because there aren’t any.
Since the enw forum, I have deleted not more than a handfull individual posts, all clearly troll posts.


Not true.


Lotsa developer operated forums delete almost any critics, even the slightest one.

Wat habda jeschluckt?

If this had become a likeable forum, again, there would be many many more posts in Media Lounge.
It looks and feels like a playground for proctologists and industrial cleaners.
This is not meant to attack our mods or members…!!

Big K

It is true that there are worse, of course…
I used to be Mod for Mastering Engineering at Recording.org.
I critisized the owner * a few times because of his using mp3 files to proof that his new outboard summing amp is sooo superior to ITB. You know: take wav, make mp3, send it through a convertor to analog through a summing gadget and back through the convertor into the box into mp3 and compare things in a weard way… How stupid is that??

  • He’s got no real idea of Madi, samplerates, bitdepth, correct audio levels, cables, microphones but asks everybody to death when he is about to buy anything. “Headroom” was his special!! Even after half a semester of “fixed and floating point” lessons he did not get any of it right. I spend a gazillion hours to help him through as good as possible…He’s musician and studio hobbyist, who uses & drops mods to his liking for personal reasons. If you don’t believe, I have some very nice PMs from him, even with threats.

After he found out free of knowledge he really was, he even banned me from his forum.
No problem, a few other pro studio owners & ex-mods have left, as well… it was a kindergarten for the mentally questionable.

Big K