I lose overview with the new CB 6 lane sceme

Am I the only one having problems with the new lane sceme in CB 6 ?
In CB 5 it was always the bottom event that was active. If I accidentally click an event in CB 6 it gets selected and becomes active.
For me it’s much more difficult to keep the overview - especially if the events weren’t recorded at the same time and have different names. Which happens a lot when you overdub something.
For that reason I’m still using CB 5 but I would like to change to CB 6 for a lot of other reasons.
Maybe I’m missing something ?

There’s been a fair few threads on this subject since the new lane changes, and a fair few comments questioning the usefulness of those changes given the differing ways that everyone works. I for one can’t get my working practice to fit well into the new rigid structure due to doing a lot of improvisation, or needing to audition different versions of lyrics etc. So I too still use Cb5 for most of my big projects even though I would really like to phase out Cb5.

However, Steinberg are aware of the comments and I think that they have suggested that things will change again in the next version. We can only wait and see for now.

There are also some useful threads here and there which explain how best to use the lanes - you could search around a bit.