I lost my Cubase installation disc

is there a way i can get the download again. My old computer wouldnt work with it and now i have a Macbook but lost the disc. i have my serial number and anything you might need… i hope i can get to use it again.

Installers are in your MySteinberg account.

Note that your serial number can not work again as you used it already. How you activate in the new computer depends on what version of Cubase you’re talking about and how it was previously licensed.


I sent you a PM with the download for your registered software. I also included relevant compatibility information.

Thank you.

I am a touch confused - surely all of the licence is on the dongle and there is no need for serial numbers? I ask this as I am just about to move to a new computer and I assume all I need to do is to plug in my dongle into the new computer and download the C8.5 full installer from MySteinberg?

That is right. The eLicenser is all you need. Well other than a computer.

OK, excellent. And my new computer arrives this week :smiley: