I lost my Saved Project Files. Cubase decipher VST & MIDI?

So I listened to some of my old tracks I’ve made in Cubase 6! I now have Cubase 8! I re listened to these tracks AND I MUST REMAKE THEM MORE PROFESSIONALLY!
I do not think I can recover the lost files.
I was wondering if you can import the track and have Cubase scan for the VST and Midi used in these projects?
All I really need is the synths and melodies. The kicks I can remake myself!

If you don’t have the project files what exactly are you going to import and have Cubase scan??

Really not sure I understand but if you mean a final mixed down audio track then the answer would be a resounding NO…Cubase can’t scan audio and work out what synths were used in it and recreate midi parts to play them.