I lost my USB licencer and cannot activate through Steinberg Activation Manager

Hi guys!
As the title says I lost my USB licencer and I have been trying to activate my Cubase Pro 10 through Steinberg Activation Manager in order to run it. However it says “no licences found” which is because I guess I didn’t have it licenced in my disk as a soft e-licencer.
Please help… I know that in the past you were needed to use zero downtime and order a new one but now I’m lost with all these info about the transition to the Activation Manager. I have been browsing the forum and the site to no avail. Is there any possibility to run it with the Activation Manager or do I need to buy a new USB?

Sorry, but the Steinberg Activation Manager is only supported by Cubase 12 and later. You can’t use it with past versions of Cubase.

You’ll need to request Steinberg Zero Downtime and order a new USB-eLicenser dongle in the meantime.

You can download the Cubase Pro 12 trial if you need to continue working while you wait for the dongle to arrive.

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Ah… Of course it is. Standard Steinberg practice. We plebs with older versions should be doomed in eternity. Thank you for your reply Romantique :slight_smile: