I lost my VSL plugins in Dorico 5

I miss the plugins-window in Dorico 5 (Preferences/VST-plugins) and I can’t choose my VSL plugins in Play mode (existing ones are disabled). I am using Vienna Ensemble Pro Server for all my projects and up to Dorico 4 that works flawlessly. My options?

Please launch Dorico and from the menu choose Help > Create Diagnostics Report, The coresponding zip file post here then. From what I see in there I can give further advice.

did you reboot your computer after installation… ?

If you’re on a Mac, make sure you select D5 to open with Rosetta.

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Here is the Diagnostics Report:

Dorico Diagnostics.zip (888.0 KB)

Yes I did.

To be more precise: the difference between D4 and D5 concerning plug-ins (see images).
In Play mode, in the VST instruments column, the VSL option shows up but the choice is limited to the Synchron Player(s). It used to show many more options, e.g. Vienna Instruments Pro which would be my choice.

Hi @rene-d ,
first of all, you have a new Mac with an Apple chip. On native Apple silicon we don’t support VST2 anymore, only VST3. Therefore that section for VST2 plugs you see as missing.
However, if you start Dorico up in Rosetta mode, then you can still use VST2 plugs.
So I guess your error here is, that you forgot to start Dorico 5 in Rosetta mode, right?
Additionally, in the diagnostics I see there are many VST3 plug-ins on the blacklist, among them also
VSL as for example Vienna Instruments.vst3. They are blacklisted because they are only Intel compatible. Yet another reason which leads me to the conclusion that you forgot to start Dorico in Rosetta mode.

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I definitely forgot about Rosetta! Everything works now like in D4! - Thank you!

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