I lost several saved toolbar-contents

Hi all, After restarting Cubase 11 after an electricity-blackout, several of the adaptations that I made to my toolbars were gone, and i had to start again changing the toolbars. That is a big job.
So, i want to make copies now of the relevant files that conain these changes.
But i cannot find which files that are.
Can someone tell me the names of the files containing the by the user saved toolbars-changes?

What version of Cubase do you have? With Cubase Pro you can export the Profile to a file in the Profile Manager Dialog.

I have Cubase Pro 11.

Yep, then you can export pretty much all of the preferences (including toolbars) to a single external file through the Profile Manager. Then import that as needed, if your settings accidentally get wiped.

Thank you very much.