I love 9.5

Just wanted to say after upgrading from Version 8 to 9.5 I love the program. What a pleasure this program is. Love the work flow, improved plug ins, look and the new plug ins. Still learning how to work it but so far it is great. At this point it seems pretty stable on my PC with Windows 10 unlike Cubase 9.5.

You are not alone!

9.5 is pretty amazing… i’ve been really happy with it in the work I’ve done so far. I’m looking forward to some projects coming up that are definitely going to be done in Wavelab 9.5! :slight_smile:


I just downloaded the trial to have a look. And I really, dig the interface. It’s so great that I, after only one or two hours got pretty comfortable using it. It’s logical, many features are well exposed so when you look for them you can find them.

I hope this new user experience is also coming to Nuendo at some point. Nuendo is in deep need of a redesign and de-cluttering of the interface