I love It

I just purchase a MR 816 csx & its a monster…! I have my UR 824 being moded by Black Lion & i should have that back by next week; I’ve been using my Motu 828mk3 but I’m not liking the converters nor the pre-amps especially after I have heard the difference between the Mk3, Apollo, & MR816 csx. But since I couldnt afford the Apollo I felt the next best thing is the MR816 especially since my UR is being Mod by the best in Black Lion. Just wanted to say I know I made a great choice & just wanted to tell Yamaha to keep up the good work…


congrats ! enjoy it :wink:

Well, if you want to love it even more, hook a Black Lion Micro Clock II up to it. Stunning. Absolutely STUNNING!

The MR816CSX is so good that Steinberg have just discontinued it! :frowning:

is hooking a better clock makes a lot of difference ? where its most noticeable ? if i mainly work with 44.1khz its the same impact?
is it makes the recording and listening better or just one of them ?

where did you read it?

read this thread for further info :

Interesting, thanks. I was considering to buy a MR816CSX but now I am concerned…I would probably wait for a new product.

Have you read steinbergs moderator reply from that thread ?
as far as my limited english i understand steinberg still sell them(but cant tell from that if they still actually make them)

Yes, I have read and I have the impression that even though they go on selling that interface, it will be unsupported soon. If you think, it is a quite old interface (it is out there since 2008) and I think (hope) they will release something new soon (hopefully that good and not like the other toys like the C series or even the UR series). It would be great to hear from SB about that.