I love it!

WOW!!! it combines the best of WL 6 and 8.5 and updates everything. A joy and a pleasure to work on and no (loud sound of Tom knocking on wood) crashes even with lots of 3 rd party plugins!

Nice Job PG

One problem is my Plextor Premium CD burner that works well in WL6 does not work in WL9. Still trying to figure that one out.

I like the everything is so intuitive just like WL6.

I am very please as you can probably tell.

my Plextor Premium CD burner that works well in WL6 does not work in WL9

Does it work in WaveLab 8.5? There should be no difference with WaveLab 9, for this.

Plextor Premium and Premium II drives in a USB enclosure are working here on Windows 10 and OS X.

First impression (after ten minutes): It works :slight_smile:, looks good, and it is super-easy to tailor the workspace. I see that the external gear plugin hasn’t got dither yet, but I think we’ll discuss that later :slight_smile:

Haven’t tried the new plugins, I don’t really need them with the arsenal I already got, but I’ll give them a spin anyway. The one negative is that I couldn’t find the montage, but I haven’t read the manual yet either…


I have been using WL9 8 hours a day since its release on March 15. I have to say this is one incredible piece of software. PG has done an amazing job. It is rock solid and does everything I need in a mastering DAW. After struggling thorough WL7 and WL8 it is really nice to have something that you can depend on.

I still cannot get my Plextor CD burner to work with WL 8.5.3 or WL 9 but it works with all the other DAW programs I use including WL6. Suggestions???

Do you have Exact Audio Copy http://www.exactaudiocopy.de/ installed? If so, see if it works with the Plextor.

If not then obviously there are driver issues generally at the Plextor end.

FWIW, I just had a Pioneer Premium, brand new out of the box but bought a couple of years back, fail to be recognized at all on either a W7 or 10 system.

Thanks for the reply. Yes the Plextor works well with EAC and with WL6. It is WL 8.5.3 and WL9 that don’t work.


OS is Windows 7 or 10 ?
and Plextor Internal or External ?

to me it’s sounds like Windows Register settings or WL settings or combo !

I’m sure PG have an idea here…

regards S-EH

The Plextor is external in a case. The drive in the case is IDE and is hooked up to the computer via USB 2. The case does the interface between IDE and USB 2.

Windows 7 Pro

I’m a late bloomer, so just got around to upgrading to WL9. I’m sure many bugs have been squished, and that slick black theme is a recent addition, all adding to my general impressions. Those I share with Tom: WOW! I love it!

I have to say this is the first mastering DAW I’ve loved since “old SonicStudio” (which is now merely “old” to me). Since then I just get through work. Since I work in other arts, I felt a big gap between my audio tools, and those I use for visual design, video and vi’ing, hell even multi-track audio DAWs feel faster and slicker. No more! WL9 just worked out of the box. I’ve barely scratched the surface, but find things where I’d expect whenever I need them. Other things I used to do in RX are WL tasks now, like spectral editing. The imager is a boffo addition – will try it on vinyl-destined projects asap (less kludgey, better UI than my hardware tools). Same for the project views, awesomely holistic approach.

I have one request: More videos and tutorial material! The docs are better than WL8, as good as 8.5, deep and accurate. But the program can be kind of overwhelming. The videos you launched with were fine… more like that is all we need. Some of the demo’s people shot at Messe are pretty helpful too. There’s just so much here to learn. Some specific topics that could help are:

  • more on setting up views and layout windows (the existing video shows you quite a bit about how to dock/undock etc, all they’re missing is managing screens, and maybe some ideas for small screens etc)
  • signal routing, and tricks with your new plugins (sell me on using them! remember, they do things most users use something else for currently).
  • demos of scripting, preset management, etc… a Mastered for iTunes workflow might be a good example.

Really great work PG! Kudos Steinberg team. Fantastic update.

I’d actually like to make some WaveLab videos kind of like the extensive videos REAPER has. Shorter 5 to 10 minute videos focused on specific things.

I just don’t have the time right now to make them for free, and also have essentially no video skills so I’d need to hire a friend to help edit them.

Maybe after the holidays.

Yah - that’s what I like about the existing ones: lots shown short time. Single topic in depth is great way to go (though the existing ones are birds-eyes of course, the things they show are neatly demo’ed).

Daved wrote:

I have one request: More videos and tutorial material!


BIG +1!

Turns out it was a flaky interface board in the drive enclosure for the Plextor. I moved the drive to a different enclosure and it works GREAT!. Thanks for your help.


So it can be the hard or the soft way :blush:

thanks for the info :smiley:

regards S-EH