I love it's potential... but...

First of all let me say how happy I am for Dorico to finally be here! I have been waiting for this a long time and have been following it’s development closely since the beginning. And it’s fun! It looks incredibly beautiful (unparalleled really), it’s fast, very well thought out and intelligently designed. It’s really obvious to me that this will become the ultimate scoring software I was hoping for.

I’m a little bit disappointed though. I’ve been running it for about 4 hours now and it has crashed about 20 times since. Most of the time while trying to export PDF files - the playback engine randomly wont start playing even though I’m pressing play, custom score layouts wont show any parts even though i selected players (it will just be empty - no instruments at all with graphics bugs) sometimes i open a score and there are no instruments showing at all - every part is empty - also, there is basically no real documentation… there are are also minor things like when trying to export a pdf my printer starts printing the score (even though i chose PDF explicitly) and the Watermark being a solid black sometimes, then again a light grey. And, well… all those crashes! It feels like i’m using an early beta build. wich is frustrating. I don’t regret buying it, especially taking into account that with the crossgrade reduction it’s practically 50% off. But as of now it’s pretty much unusable in any professional context for me.

EDIT: The bug with the instruments not showing has been solved in another post. Still the order of instruments in the score horns above strings etc. has to be manually updated when working with groups and new layouts… but that’s a minor bug and it’s easily fixed.

I still love this program for what a powerfull tool this will become one day, but as of now, this is just a fancy, unreliable toy. A fun though… :smiley: Hope this gets looked into…
Dorico Test files.zip (700 KB)

In your file Test2.dorico, the reason no music shows is because you only have a single flow in your project, and you removed it from the Full Score layout, so there is no music to display. Select the Full Score layout in the Layouts panel on the right-hand side in Setup mode, and select the checkbox for Flow 1 in the Flows panel, and the music will magically appear.

The same problem exists in Test_A.dorico: you have not assigned Flow 1 to your Custom Score layout, so there’s no music for it to display.

I would like to see your crash log files. If you’re on Mac, you should find crash logs in ~/Library/Logs/DiagnosticReports: please zip them up and attach them here, or send them to me by email, and we’ll look into what’s going on. In general Dorico has proven to be pretty stable in our testing and among our 200+ beta testers, but it is of course possible that there are crasher bugs that we have not yet uncovered.

Hi Daniel,
thanks for your quick reply. Attached you can find the Diagnostics Files that have been created today. I have also send you a PM with a Video of the crashes that mostly occurred. Most of the time there was no bugreport.
Diagnostics.zip (30.3 KB)

Unfortunately, none of those log files are Dorico crash logs at all. Did you definitely look in the user-level Logs folder, i.e. in /Users/your-user-name/Library/Logs/DiagnosticReports?

I’ll go and look at your PM right now.

Hi Daniel!
Thanks btw for solving the “music is not showing” issue earlier on. Attached you find the one and only crash report that was produced with a crash. (I was looking in the wrong librarie apparently) All the other times it was like shown in the video, where there was no crash report produced. Dorico basically just quit and that’s it. :open_mouth: I have also included the PDF files that Dorico tried to create while the crash in the video happened. Hope that helps…

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Crash report + PDFs.zip (25.8 KB)