I’m Done with Nuendo 10.3

I’ve tried to make this version work for almost a month now. I got past the “doesn’t work with Dark mode”, etc. stuff but the spikes have done it for me. I’ve worked on one mix all day and those spikes keep stopping me. I’ve done everything I can. The CPU starts out where it should be in a mix, around 50%. But it just ramps up whenever it wants and bam! Playback stops. The meters flash and I can’t play or do anything. I’ve done everything I know to do - latency up, latency down. Suspend VST’s off, suspend VST’s on. Audio priority, buffer settings, etc. I went back to Nuendo 10.2.20 and I finished my mix. These are the same, exact same issues I had with Cubase 10.5. Cubase 10 was fine, 10.5 was a nightmare. Including not working with Dark mode on a Mac. And spikes, spikes, and more spikes.

Maybe Nuendo 11 will fix some of these issues.

Yep. osx 10.14 here- the performance spikes make Nuendo 10.3 a non-starter. Steinberg- can you help?

Back to 10.2 here too.
Meters move smoothly in 10.3 than 10.2, but it’s all. Edit events is much harder because the edit window turns unresponsiveness.
Waiting a fix for it.

No problems of this sort here.
Seems to hit only very few users. Is it a Mac-thing?
Did an obscene load test, lately, rather to check the performance of the PC than Nuendo,
and it held up to track counts and FX-instances I just pray never being forced to need.
My PC is not the latest model, either, but still runs smoothly…
Hope you find a solution.

Servus, Big K

Good to know @Big K. I posted this shortly after installing 10.3 but the screencap is a pretty light project with 10.2 on the left, 10.3 on the right. Same project, same computer, same everything- 10.3 is the only variable:

original thread-- https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?t=191555

Have you checked “suspend VSt3 plugins …” and ASIO Guard?
Some users have reported that the update came with these flagged; when used inproperly, that might cause the problem.


Looks like an OSX thing. N10.3 runs great here on Win 7. No difference to N10.2 on CPU usage or GUI responsiveness.

Edit: Ooh this is my post number 666. Better do another one real quick.

Ahh, that’s better.

I checked the suspend VST3 feature and was right. I’ll try with ASIO guard. What should be the recommendation Fredo?

How can this be “improperly” used? This is an on/off setting - no chance to adapt anything.

True true. The annoying delays I was getting when editing audio event volumes with the scroll wheel do not happen in 10.2

Also, I think we need an option to separate the volume from the fades when using the mouse scroll wheel. I keep scrolling to adjust the volume but half the time I end up adding a fade out or in, which I most definitely did not want to do.

Hahaha! I have definitely considered the works of the Adversary when trying to stop those CPU spikes. Perhaps the Lord of Hosts was allowing Satan to mess with me ala the Book of Job to see if I’d renounce Steinberg? Haha! I would not. Never. To counter the evilness, I simply have to find a previous ‘unimproved’ version that lacks the “improvements” that, to me, are hardly that.

On some systems, there is a benefit, on other systems, there is a disadvantage.
Also depends on which plugins youa re using and how many VSTi’s you have in your system; latency, etc …


For what it’s worth, 10.3 is running seamlessly on my Mac systems-- High Sierra on this laptop, and Mojave on my 5,1 12 core at home. Significantly more reliable than the last couple of versions-- hangs leading to crashes were a problem for me, and they’ve pretty much disappeared here. Don’t know how or why, and this is purely anecdotal, but it is my experience.


How should somebody know all this? Many, like I do, use hundreds of different plug ins over time and even the main plug ins change for different project styles (stereo production, VR production, etc.) We cannot do research to find out when, what is properly or improperly used. If this would be such a weak function I doubt Steinberg would have implemented it.

Reading the manual might be a good start.


Best reply ever…

You succeeded in presenting your character quite nicely.
Of course, you knew what I meant, the unpredictable combination of plug ins and workflows, all not covered in any manual.
Next time, you can spare your destructive comment.

I think that depends. Have you thoroughly read the manual regarding all aspects of Asio-guard, VST3 Suspend, Multicore CPU, Power Scheme, etc?

If so I would simply say so and that it was not helpful. If not, maybe Fredo has a point? Another thought would be to ask where he learned about this subject. Maybe you could too.

I’m not trying to be offensive here, just logical.

Are you kidding me? The Nuendo manual is not the Kabbalah. I just had a look again - this is the sentence about VST3 suspend:
“Suspends VST plug-in processing in passages where no audio is passing through the plug-in. This can improve system performance noticeably.”
Maybe you have a look into the manual one day, then you would know there is nothing explained in detail between the topics you mentioned. There is nothing discussed about a correlation of ASIO-Guard with VST3 Suspend, etc.
I work with Nuendo since 20 years or something - your remark is not even entertaining. “Power Scheme” … haha, give me a break.