I’m Impressed!

Today I discovered that Noteperformer NPPE with BBCSO doesn’t support flautando.

After my initial disappointment, I added some BBCSO core instances directly into Dorico, put the flautando sections into new voices, assigned them to the BBCSO Core instances, selected the ‘BBCSO core strings ‘ expression map (which I loaded some time ago) and everything works perfectly. The flautando playing technique maps to the flautando playback technique, which is interpreted correctly by the expression map and the VST plays the flautando patch.

The whole thing was impressively smooth and trouble free.

The flautando patch is ‘long’ rather than ‘legato’, but you can’t have everything!

Independent Voice Playback on a NotePerformer player does not allow me to select a different VST for a second voice. The only way I can get something like this to work is to create an identical instrument routed to a non-NP VST, and then use Condensing to get everything to appear on the same staff. You have to edit the names and hide the instrument change labels, but it works!..Is this what you are are doing, or have you found another method to combine NP and non-NP articulations onto one staff?

No, I’ve simply routed the voices to different VSTs. The two voices are on the same staff. Nothing stopped me from doing that.

Yes, once I discovered this little hidden gem I use it all the time! It’s such an amazing feature of Dorico. It’s also really helpful as a way to sneak in libraries which have recorded effects - slides/gliss/falls/doits/etc. Or simply extended articulations. So if I need just one note to have a proper sounding fall I will separate it into a hidden voice and VST, and the best part is Dorico also creates a mixer channel for this separated voice in case you need to use reverb/levels to match the other voice better. If done right listeners will be none the wiser, it’s impressively seamless most of the time :shushing_face::wink:

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I’m sure I tried this once before and found that I couldn’t select a different VST on a NP staff using IVP, but apparently it does work. Thank you for sharing this.

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