I’m in pickle -- “A serious error has occurred”

Hey guys, so I’m in pickle too.

For two years I worked on several projects, periodically closed and opened - everything is fine! Opened one of them last night and got a “A serious error has occurred” message, after which Cubase 10 closes every time. And so several times in a row. True, the same error was 3-4 months ago, but within 2 days it itself was eliminated.
What should be done to fix a serious error?

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Try to start Cubase in Safe Start Mouse and suitabler 3rd party plug-ins. Then open the project. Does it open without the 3rd party plug-ins?

@Martin.Jirsak ,
autocorrection fooled us…

Try to start Cubase in safe start mode and disable 3rd party plugins.
Safe start mode: press STRG+ALT+SHIFT during the splash start screen

Most of these errors are related to 3rd party plugins, mainly VST2 plugins. Try to find the responsible plugin and uninstall/replace it.



:smiley: Thank you!

Ctrl :wink: (on Windows), Cmd on Mac.

Therefore I asked to open the project with 3rd party plug-ins hidden temporarily.