I’m very happy with the 6.5 version upgrade!

After the upgrade I loaded a current project and all of my “Snap-Crackle-Pop” CPU /latency problems were gone! It is very heavy with VSTs/MIDI and I watched as the CPU gauge never hit 25 percent! :slight_smile:

So whatever optimizations were done really helped my Quad-Core Pentium-D Processor! Thank you Steinberg! :smiley:

I played with the PadShop Synth, and I really like the sounds I’m hearing. Very cool. I haven’t had time to explore the other features but so far it’s a great improvement and well worth the $49 :smiley:


Read this, try it and see for yourself if you can be happy about it: http://www.steinberg.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=19919

Sorry you are having these problems. Perhaps Steinberg should beta test with a wider group next time?

It sounds like you are using features I’ve never messed with. (i.e, audio warp).

I assume there will be a few hotfixes within the coming weeks to correct the bigger problems.


Me too!

I was preparing to shell out $2000 on a new computer system since mine is 6 years old. This upgrade may have bought me an extra year or two.

Curious…are these mac or PCs, or both that are seeing performance improvements?

There have been a few hints from some mac users here that they feel C6 runs more efficiently on Windows. Wonder if they’ve gotten better.

I’d be very interested to hear about mac performance enhancements, as I did not see them listed in bug fixes or improvements.

I’m so pleased you are happy with the update, maybe you’d like to give me the £42 so I can be happy with it too.

I had to go and sell my bottom to get the money. :blush:

…and very nice it was too !! :smiling_imp:

Quad-Core Pentium-D Processor!

Well, at least you don’t have to rely on your music for income… :laughing:

I’m pleased that you are pleased. as far as the money, perhaps crofter can give you some pointers in Revenue enhancement. :laughing:

I agree with you 100% about Cubase 6.5 happiness, jokerone.

I have now spent some time with Retrologue (in between my Padshop sessions :wink: ) and dang, Steinberg really outdid themselves this time. VERY cool synthesizer and extremely easy to use.

I need to say I felt a rush of Prophet 5/Pro-One go through me when I played around with it. I own both of those machines in real life, so I got sort of stumped really. That I would get that quality sound as part of Cubase. Not that I mean much to others in this forum, but to me that was surprisingly refreshing!!!

After reading your post I tried out Retrolouge. Its pretty cool, but I think Padshop works better for me.