I made a project in windows 7 but crashes in windows 8.1...

Hi everyone. When I had windows 7 pro installed I had been working on a project. I used plug-ins such as Nexus ,Vengeance Phalanx and Izotope Ozone 6.
The thing is is that I’ve now had windows 8.1 installed and when I go to load my project that I created when win 7 was my OS it crashes. i’ve tried using troubleshoot compatibity but it seems that if this is the case above then it still might be crashing becasue i cant get all the plugins to work in win7 compaitbility mode too. I’m not sure what the problem is and how to get around it.
Please help.
Richard Steed

Can someone please help me.

I’ve got a feeling that it’s got to do with the fact that when Cubase tries to load the drum samples into phalanx,it can’t because the drum samples are no longer in the exact location they were in before.
If this IS the case,how can I find where the drum samples were before in my windows 7 set up?