I made a website to frequency training (feedback & EQ)

Hey guys, I just wanted to share a webpage I did recently. It is called “Perfect Ear Audio Training”.

Follows the idea of the type of frequency training I had in audio school, some random frequency is chosen and launched as a feedback or center frequency in an EQ (depending of the settings), and we have to response which frequency it was.

We can control the amount of feedback/Eq gain, how much time we want to hear it, and how many frequencies we want to train.

Here is the link if you are interested Perfect Ear Audio Training.

Comments, bugs, feature requests or any kind of feedback (pun intended) are welcome! :wink:

Thanks man! Will try when I have some spare time, now is it easy to do a pitch test site?

I like it. Well done.

Very nice, this is good practice :slight_smile:
the 1/3rd octave EQ is quite hard though. I can roughly find the right range but rarely get it exactly right.

Thanks for sharing!

Do you mean note recognition? (this was a hot topic in the reddit threat)

You are welcome! When I was studying I looked everywhere for something like this, so I did it to help others in the same place.

Thanks a lot!

Though equalizing stage wedges very often I don’t get more than 50 % right - by now I know I’m a true professional dilettante :laughing:

Time to bring up my Dave Moulton Golden Ear Training CD set again… Or try out your web page (soon).

About 80%. But you have to stay focused, take some time between the tests, and keep on training.

I like it. Nice work (and nicely selected frequencies) :slight_smile:

Yes I meant pitch training, but i already found some sites. :ugeek:

thanks for this, it helps to confirm some hearing loss factors

I’m glad that you find it helpful !