I Made It!!! :-)

Yep, I found the Lounge!!! :smiley:

Hi everyone, good to see some familiar faces! :wave:

Even Paul is back! Hi Paul!


Hi Wim - How you doing?

I’m fine thanks. And you?

I crawled in, too.

Hi ya Wim, and everyone!


Hi Jet,

Good to see you!
I’m glad you could make it! :smiley:


Well done Wim!

And sorry I couldn’t meet up with you when you were in London


Congratulations to all survivors, resurrectors and returnors from banning … -ors … or whatever! :laughing:

And hi !

Wassup Jet!! :slight_smile:

Congratulations Wim! Glad to hear you made it through the knot hole.

You too Jet! :smiley:

No problem Glyn. See you next time! :slight_smile:

So, who’s NOT here yet? I don’t think I’ve seen Onkel / Kim or Phil. Who else?

Kim will no doubt be along shortly. He’s been very busy lately.

Herer comes mr Bill!!!

but no dog and no worthy avatars to celebrate the event!


oh, well! :wink:

Aw, c’mon!

Dual eyes of Sauron not worthy? You know, twice as evil, but only half the calories? :mrgreen:

BILL!!! :smiley:

Long time no see! How are you?

I listen to your songs quite regularly, did you record some new songs the last couple of years?
And is ‘The Wet Album’ available yet?

I hope you’re doing fine.


Well, having had a good nights sleep over this I realize today that a mild malt intoxication made me type “avatar” when I meant smilies! :blush: Your avatar is perfect! :sunglasses: I’ll try again with “no worthy smilies to celebrate the event!” like