I made one edit and half of my score is gone

I just made an edit to an engraving with a very soon deadline (tomorrow). The Flows show all of the correct flows, but I can’t scroll past “Find me the Child!” second page. Help! Attached is the diagnostic I took right after I made the edit.

It says the diagnostic report is too large. Who should I send me file to?

I also tried closing and re-opening, and I still can’t get past the next page. As you can see in the image I posted above, I’m at the end of my horizontal scroll, and my flows information says that there is more.

In Setup mode, when you click on a flow in the bottom panel, make sure that the instruments you want to appear in that flow are checked in the left panel.

So try clicking on the next flow (Nunc Dimitis) and make sure that the instruments in that flow are checked in the left panel. This is a powerful, useful feature in Dorico, but occasionally it can trip me up. I hope this helps!

Thanks, Stephen, but unfortunately that’s not the right answer.

On the right-hand panel in Setup mode, make sure that all of your layouts are checked for the flows you want to include.

Sometimes I use flows for sketches which I don’t include in the final score, so I uncheck them here. Again, very useful, but I’ve gotten messed up with it before.

It is indeed.

can you click on this?

Yes. I can.

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Have you solved this, @joshdnichols? If not, attach the project here (or send it to me in a private message) and I’ll try to help.