I (may) found a 'groupedit might fail' workaround


I’ve done some studio recordings over the weekend and stacked all the drumtracks in subtracks. Some takes wheren’t played until the end of the song, and as a result, some files aren’t as long as others. Back home i’ve startet group editing my drumtakes and BAM: “the tracks aren’t completely in sync, group edit may fail!”. And it does. :imp: After one hour derping around in the arrangewindow i might find a solution to this ‘bug’:
Groupediting still works when all subtracks in the folder are opened! :astonished:

Then it is not problematic if a single file have a different endpoint. However, all my takes have the same startpoint. Maybe that’s a thing… :question:

If someone has the same problem, and my solution works for him/her, please report back in this post. I really want to sort this out and hope i’m not just lucky…

btw: i’m on 7.5.3.

Cheers, and happy comping!