I messed up my lv ties

I was trying to be clever and messed up my lv ties. I was using the feature to simulate ties into second endings. Then I had the “maybe not so brilliant” idea to set the Minimum length for laissez vibrer ties: setting to a negative value. It worked beautifully. No more tweaking each tie in the full score and each part.

Upon reopening the score, the lv ties were back to their default setting. I can no longer set it to any value and have it stick.

Another oddity is, after setting it to another value, the “Open Selected Project” button in the Hub no longer highlights in blue until I restart Dorico.

Is there any way to reset what I did short of trashing all my settings?

That’s very odd – can you try clicking the ‘Reset to Factory’ button in the Engraving Options dialog? That will trash any other settings you have, I’m afraid.

No, that didn’t do it. The problem seems to be global as it happens to even newly created scores as well.

That seems highly improbable, since the engraving options are local to each project, but I guess it is as you say! Can you describe exactly what happens when you try to change the engraving option for the minimum length of the laissez vibrer tie? You click in the spin box, you type a value, you Tab away so that the Apply button becomes active, you click Apply and/or Close – which of those steps is failing?

Ok, I can set the value and it adjusts the score. But, after saving the document, closing it, and reopening it, the value is back to the default. This all started after setting it to a negative value. Now, no value "even positive ones’ won’t stick.

Aha – it looks like there’s a bug with either saving or loading this value. Don’t worry: you’re not going crazy. I will look into what’s going on here, and we’ll have to provide a fix in due course.

Ok, thanks much. Loving v1.2.

For me the changed length of l.v. ties are also NOT saved at all. But I didn’t enter negative values.

Interesting. Maybe the negative value didn’t trigger it but I just didn’t notice before.

To follow up: we’ve found the problem here, and the values are being saved correctly, but not loaded correctly. This will be fixed in the next release, whatever or whenever that might be.

Thanks for the follow up. I understand that there might not be another point release and will have to wait for 2.0. I’m fine with that. I just have to remember to set it before doing printouts.

It’s looking reasonably likely that we will provide a small bug fix update early in the New Year, which would include a fix for this problem, but we’ve not made a final determination yet. This bug alone isn’t significant enough to prompt an update, but there are a couple of problems that look serious enough that we feel we should fix them sooner rather than later.