I messed up something about audio driver (no sound anymore from cubase)

I was trying to output the cubase sound to a virtual output cable (voicemeeter banana), but it didn’t work

Now I am just trying to go back to normal, with my focusrite USB ASIO driver, and cubase refuse to output sound.

The meter inside cubase light up normally, there should be sound, but there is no sound aha… I messed up something

Where you using control room before?

If so, check your “audio connections” settings (F4 I think) and ensure that you have outputs set for “control room”, as they can sometimes de-select when swapping audio interfaces.

If you weren’t using control room previously, then check the ‘outputs’ section in the audio connection screen. Again, you just need to select what your main L+R are I’d imagine.

what a genius answear, thanks you saved me hours of sweat