I Miss the old VST Plugs....

Reverb A, Hypersonic 2, Groove Agent 2, The Original “Multiband Compressor” …
Why would they dis-continue stuff that you really begin to dig?

Two reasons:
the new plugs are often better than the old versions. New technology, new thinking, more experience accumulated by the vendor.
But the main reason is that discontinuing software is the best way to keep you spending. Buying things that very often you don’t need just because the ones you already have don’t work anymore with new systems.
Personally, I can accept that, but sometimes it really makes me angry. Like the Groove agent2 to 3 upgrade.
I have the ver2 and I can’t upgrade to ver3 because the upgrade suddenly has been discontinued. What is that supposed to mean? Steinberg has run out of software? Or licenses? This really I can’t understand.
But I guess it is all part of the same plot.

I don’t know… Once it’s bought, why discontinue? It’s like saying I’m going to throw away my Neuman U67 from the 60’s for the new “Blue Tube”… To me it’s not about being better, It’s about being different …

I sadly miss XPhraze and D’Cota. :frowning:

Sometimes it’s out of their hands.

Some of the earlier VST instruments were created or contributed to by other companies i.e. Wizoo that were then taken over by Avid so the end of the relationship with Steinberg.

Thanks. The history is a sad tale indeed.

That Wizoo deal was poorly managed by Steinberg. I purchased those products, in large measure, because I trusted Steinberg to stand behind the products they put their name on and to support them for as long as there was a market for them. It is folly to brand a product you don’t ultimately control the code for, as evidenced by a major competitor leveraging us (we “users” are stakeholders in this) out of such product. That was Steinberg’s mistake; and a hard lesson we all had to learn. That mistake sadly eroded some of my trust.

Worse yet, there was never a migration path to replacement products that provided the sound, functionality, and backward compatibility of XPhraze or D’Cota. I have projects that absolutely depend on those plugs. Moving into Win7 means rendering the audio, and leaving the VSTi’s behind. Awkward in my situation since my WinXP DAW suffered catastrophic failure, potentially closing off those older projects without having to build an obsolete box to retrieve them.

I understand the “march of progress” (muddy boots and all). I just don’t like having the rug pulled out from under me. Those are both really good synths; losing them is tragic.

I am using lot of the old vst plugins in Cubase 6 running on iMac i7 Mac OS X 10.6.7 only with some minor issues.

See here:


I really miss Virtual guitarists! my favorite Steinberg products as Favorite vst plug ins!

I just started by trying Hypersonic. Crashes C6 (OSx 10.6.7) every time on start up. Also can’t even get Reverb A (from archive) to be seen in C6 (/Library/Audio/Plugins/VST).

To mojord

I can see you are using Cubase 6.0.2. I am using Cubase 6.0.0. When I updated to Cubase 6.0.1 my non-intel plugins (like Hypersonic) did not show up in Cubase anymore, so I went back to Cubase 6.0.0 and all my non-intel plugins where there again, working.

Hi. Were you using Cubase on a mac? Please clarify what you meant by “non-intel” plugins? Did you mean .vst files (vsti’s made for mac) or did you mean Power PC mac plugins??? Finally, is Cubase 6.0.1 64-bit and 6.0.0 32-bit by any chance? Many thanks.

Hi tronlady.

I wrote this one year ago. Now I have limited my use of vst to 64-bit only.

Yes, non-intel are the old PowerPC vst plugins. I was running Cubase 6.01. and Cubase 6.0.0 in 32-bit mode only.