I miss the possibility e.g. jump 7:43 minutes forward

We digitize analogue tapes and vinyl for public facilities.
I often have to make sound cuts using lists.
And jump from the beginning of the first song of the tape to e.g. 7 minutes 43 seconds for the next song.
And then jump again 4:12 from this position to the next position (next song) … and so on.
Imagine a record sleeve with times. The same applies to master tapes.

If someone has ever cut classical live concerts where you don’t know where the new movement begins, know what I mean. There are 7 breaks but only 3 movements. Does the part still belong to the Adagio or is it the next movement. Therefore, you go according to the times of a list.
Imagine you are now doing this with 600 tapes from a classic state archive.

At the moment I set the timecode to 0 and navigate to the next position (for example) 7:43. The I set the timecode again to 0.
This is not very comfortable.
There should be a dialog to jump xx:xx forward and backward.
I could imagine that other users could also need such a function.

I’m not sure I understand the problem… but it sounds to me like something Nuendo already can do-- either by using markers, cycle markers or by inputting a linear location using a key command. Am I missing something? The way I read what you’re asking, it sounds like something I do all the time using any of the above methods-- usually the third.


I think I got it. You have a list of tracks with some time durations and you want to jump to next track by inputting the current track duration, right? So you’re not happy with “Enter project cursor position” which is absolute and not relative. For jump to relative position from cursor you would perform a workaround by three simple steps.

  1. Set left locator to project cursor position
  2. Here you need “Locator range duration” option to be on in “set up toolbar”. Now you could just mousewheel right on the minutes, seconds in this toolbar and right locator will be changed.
  3. Goto right locator and you’re on the right place.
    That’s it! Very fast in my opinion.Perhaps it’s not for 600 tapes )
    Also PLE may help after some struggle. I hope it helps. Good luck!

Thanks a lot. You understood me correctly.
Setting the locator area is similar to setting the time code to 0 and then entering the new time position.
Both a little uncomfortable. Nothing for a thousand uses.
I will probably have to write a small program with an external macro generator (PhraseExpress) that sends keystrokes to Nuendo.
We need that every day. So we have a PraseExpress-Macro that sets the position to 0 with one keystroke.
I would still like it if there was the possibility to jump to a relative timeposition.

Yesterday I tried a new version of Metagrid 1.5 for iPad. Just awesome thing! I think your task could be perform there with ease. It has ability of making macros for Cubase-Nuendo with keyboard shortcuts,time pauses, midi send and text input. A very powerful tool! (It’s not an AD)

I don’t have access to Nuendo at the moment, but I have a memory of something…

Have you tried to enter “+7:43” in the position field?