I need 16 sends

I’ve found a purpose for 16 sends, I’m doing some large batch external processing and experiments, sending one snare sample out to my different outboard EQs and Compressors individually but I’ve set it up, so that my External FX inserts are on 16 mono group channels which the single snare is being sent to… but only up to 8 at a time.

What is stopping you from sending to a different track and use the sends from that track… and so on…
Or route to Group Tracks using Direct Routing, and use sends from these.
Well that is at least a workaround.

That is what I’m doing, It’s messy and confusing and more mouse clicks, + if I make adjustments to the one, then I need to replace the other and so on.


Logic has 8 Sends too. ^^

And we have 8 Direct Outs additionally. (that is also a great thing!)

But…it would nice to have 16 Sends in Cubase.

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This is an old post, but +1. Would love 16 sends. I use 2 Avid artist mix fader banks, and would love all 16 rotary knobs to be assigned to FX, comps, busses etc. That would give me enough options to rarely have to build and FX sends while in the mix. I would have all 16 filled up with commonly used FX, and could just turn on and off as needed.