I Need A help with UR 28

Phantom power is not off! I put button -lightt off, second it not work and included again itself , but light not on… I put button, light on, second it not work and included. And second question - How to rec in stereo, from microphone! I select stereo - rec start, but record just in one channel…

I really can’t follow your primary problem, if you feel the Phantom power circuit is defective, then either return it or have it looked at and serviced. When this occurs I trust you do have a working Condenser microphone properly connected and not some other mic with an XLR connector!
To your second question, unless you have a stereo microphone (which will require two connectors) a microphone is always a mono signal. You can however use a plugin such as MonoToStereo (included with Cubase) to turn this mono into pseudo stereo.

My micro OKTAVA MK 419 with XLR connector. About phantom power - ican’t turn off it… light of power is off - but power served same to micro. I Bough it on ebay as new. It’s not a problem. ON a record is not affected.